North Palm Beach, Florida, is a hidden gem for culinary enthusiasts. The city is home to some of the top-rated restaurants in Florida, serving up unforgettable culinary experiences to visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a delicious meal, North Palm Beach has a dining destination for everyone.

This comprehensive North Palm Beach dining guide will take you on a journey through the city’s vibrant culinary scene, from hidden gems to international cuisines. Discover the restaurants that make North Palm Beach a top destination for food lovers.

Key Takeaways:

  • North Palm Beach is a must-visit destination for foodies.
  • The city offers a diverse culinary scene, from local flavors to international cuisines.
  • Visitors can find the top-rated restaurants in Florida in North Palm Beach.
  • Whether you’re looking for fine dining or family-friendly restaurants, North Palm Beach has options for all.
  • Stay tuned to discover the best dining destinations in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Exploring North Palm Beach’s Culinary Scene

North Palm Beach is a foodie haven worth exploring, with its diverse mix of high-end restaurants and local favorites. Whether you’re seeking fine dining experiences or casual bites, this coastal gem offers something for everyone.

To help you plan your culinary adventure, we’ve put together a list of the best restaurants in North Palm Beach, as rated by locals and visitors alike. From seafood classics to fusion cuisine, the options are endless.

Restaurant Specialty Location Rating
The Cooper New American cuisine PGA Commons 4.6
Prosecco Café Italian Juno Beach 4.5
Brass Ring Pub American bar food North Palm Beach 4.4
Little Moir’s Food Shack Seafood Jupiter 4.3
Asian Fin Asian fusion Tequesta 4.2

Aside from these top-rated restaurants, there are also local favorites that should not be missed. Some of the most popular restaurants in North Palm Beach include The Capital Grille, Waterway Cafe, and Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar.

When exploring the local dining scene, be sure to check out reviews from trusted sources to get a feel for the restaurant’s atmosphere and menu offerings. North Palm Beach restaurant reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Zomato can be useful resources for honest feedback from locals and tourists.

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in North Palm Beach, start your search with these top-rated spots and popular dining destinations.

Fine Dining in North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach boasts a selection of top-rated restaurants that offer an elegant and sophisticated dining experience. From exceptional service to exquisite ambiance and gourmet cuisine, you can indulge in a memorable fine dining experience that is second to none.

Sample Fine Dining Restaurants in North Palm Beach

Restaurant Type of Cuisine Price Range
The Capital Grille Steakhouse, Seafood $$$
Café Chardonnay American, French $$$
Waterway Café Seafood, American $$$

If you’re looking for a romantic evening out, The Capital Grille offers an intimate and upscale setting with a menu consisting of prime aged beef and fresh seafood. Or, try Café Chardonnay, which features French-inspired cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients. Waterway Café offers breathtaking waterfront views and seafood specialties, perfect for a special occasion.

For a truly unforgettable meal, be sure to make a reservation at these fine dining establishments in North Palm Beach.

Exploring Local Flavors

Dive into the flavors of North Palm Beach and discover its unique culinary offerings. From fresh seafood to farm-to-table creations, this dining guide will take you on a journey through the must-try dishes and local favorites of this vibrant Florida destination.

Seafood Delicacies

Being a coastal city, it’s no surprise that North Palm Beach has an array of seafood restaurants. Check out The Catch Seafood Restaurant, serving succulent shrimp scampi and grilled Mahi-Mahi. For a more laid-back dining experience, head to Goose’s Twisted Cocktails & Food and savor their fish tacos with avocado salsa or ahi tuna poke bowl.

Farm-to-Table Creations

Experience the fresh flavors of local produce and ingredients at Farmer’s Table North Palm Beach, known for their seasonal dishes like crispy Brussels sprouts and macadamia crusted chicken breast. Little Moir’s Food Shack is also a must-visit spot for its innovative seafood menu featuring grilled octopus, blackened fish sandwiches, and more.

International Cuisine

Take your taste buds on a global adventure with North Palm Beach’s international restaurants. Spoto’s Oyster Bar brings a taste of New England to Florida with their famous oysters and seafood chowder. For a fusion of flavors, try Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas and indulge in their sushi rolls, pad thai, and small bites like the crispy pork belly.

Best Local Flavors in North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach restaurant recommendations

Restaurant Name Specialty Dish
The Catch Seafood Restaurant Shrimp Scampi
Goose’s Twisted Cocktails & Food Fish Tacos with Avocado Salsa
Farmer’s Table North Palm Beach Macadamia Crusted Chicken Breast
Little Moir’s Food Shack Grilled Octopus
Spoto’s Oyster Bar New England Oysters
Kabuki Sushi Thai Tapas Sushi Rolls and Pad Thai

Dining with a View

North Palm Beach boasts incredible views that can be enjoyed while dining at some of the area’s top-rated restaurants. Indulge in a feast for the senses as you savor mouth-watering dishes while overlooking the gorgeous ocean, waterfront, or scenic landscapes.

Experience unparalleled dining at Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa’s Sinclair’s Ocean Grill, where panoramic ocean views serve as a stunning backdrop to seafood-inspired cuisine. The elegant outdoor seating at 3800 Ocean at Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect spot to savor the flavors of Florida’s coastal cuisine. Or head to the Waterway Café, a north County institution since 1986, which offers picturesque views of the Intracoastal Waterway and outdoor seating.

Other top restaurants in North Palm Beach Florida offering stunning views include The River House, where diners can savor fresh seafood while overlooking the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and the Loxahatchee River, and The Cooper, which features a unique blend of American cuisine and prime waterfront views in Palm Beach Gardens.

Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

North Palm Beach is a treasure trove of culinary delights, with numerous hidden gems and local favorites that few visitors know about. From cozy cafes to family-owned restaurants, these lesser-known eateries offer a unique taste of the community that will delight your taste buds.

One such hidden gem is the Baby Gouda Café, a cozy spot known for its hearty breakfasts and delicious sandwiches. Nestled in a quiet corner of town, this local favorite is the perfect place to start your day.

If you’re in the mood for Italian, don’t miss Cibo Wine Bar, a charming bistro that specializes in authentic Italian fare. The menu features a tempting array of handcrafted pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and delicious seafood dishes.

For a unique taste of the tropics, head to The Islander Grill and Tiki Bar, a waterfront restaurant that serves up a fusion of Caribbean and American cuisine. Try their famous jerk chicken or sip on a refreshing rum cocktail as you take in the stunning views of the marina.

There are plenty of other hidden gems and local favorites to discover in North Palm Beach, so be sure to explore beyond the main dining spots. The best way to find these hidden treasures is to ask the locals or take a stroll through the town’s charming neighborhoods.

Family-Friendly Dining

North Palm Beach is an ideal destination for family vacations, and what better way to enjoy quality time with loved ones than dining together at family-friendly restaurants? From casual cafes to upscale dining spots, North Palm Beach has an array of options that cater to a variety of tastes and budgets.

Many of the popular restaurants in North Palm Beach offer kids’ menus, featuring crowd-pleasing favorites such as burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, and chicken tenders. Some establishments even provide entertainment or activity packs to keep little ones occupied while parents enjoy their meals.

Restaurant Name Atmosphere Menu Highlights
The Cooper Restaurant Upscale, yet family-friendly Grilled fish tacos, chicken burgers, steak frites
Brass Ring Pub Casual, sports bar-style Baby back ribs, buffalo wings, fish and chips
Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grille Beachy, relaxed Baja fish tacos, crab cakes, shrimp scampi

For families with dietary restrictions, North Palm Beach has an abundance of vegetarian and gluten-free options, making dining out stress-free for all.

Don’t forget to indulge in some sweet treats after your meal! North Palm Beach boasts several dessert destinations to satisfy your sweet tooth, including Sloan’s Ice Cream and 3Natives for acai bowls and smoothies.

family-friendly dining in North Palm Beach

International Cuisine in North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach’s culinary scene is a melting pot of international flavors that cater to every taste bud. From authentic Italian pasta to spicy Asian fusion, North Palm Beach’s restaurants will take you on a global culinary journey.

One of the popular restaurants in North Palm Beach that specialize in international cuisine is Carmines Gourmet Market & La Trattoria, where you can indulge in fresh seafood dishes and authentic Italian pasta made from the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Another restaurant worth visiting is the Thai Lotus Restaurant, where you can savor the traditional flavors of Thai food, including spicy soups and curries, noodle dishes, and flavorful stir-fries.

Check out the Mama Mia Italian Restaurant, which prepares Italian dishes with a modern twist, or The Parched Pig, a gastropub serving international cuisine and craft beer. For a taste of Caribbean and Latin American cuisine, visit The Islander Grill and Tiki Bar, which boasts a tropical setting and signature dishes such as Jerk Chicken and Conch Fritters.

With so many restaurants to choose from, North Palm Beach offers a diverse and exciting culinary experience that highlights the best international cuisine from around the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on a flavor-filled adventure in this Florida paradise.

Tips for a Memorable Dining Experience

Here are some tips to ensure that your dining experience in North Palm Beach is unforgettable:

  • Make reservations in advance: Many popular restaurants in North Palm Beach can get busy quickly, especially during peak season. Be sure to make reservations in advance to avoid missing out on your desired dining experience.
  • Try local specialties: North Palm Beach is known for its unique cuisine, so be sure to try some of the local specialties. From fresh seafood to farm-to-table creations, there is something to satisfy every palate.
  • Understand dining customs: Each culture has its dining customs. If you are unfamiliar with local customs, don’t hesitate to ask your server or any locals you meet. Understanding proper etiquette can make your dining experience more enjoyable.
  • Research the restaurant: Before heading out, look up the restaurant you plan to visit. Check their menu, reviews, and atmosphere to ensure it aligns with your dining expectations and preferences.
  • Ask for recommendations: Don’t be shy to ask your server or locals for restaurant recommendations. They may suggest hidden gems or lesser-known restaurants that offer a unique dining experience beyond the typical tourist spots.

Sample Table: Best Restaurants for Fine Dining in North Palm Beach

Restaurant Cuisine Ambiance Price Range
The Capital Grille Steakhouse, Seafood Elegant, sophisticated $$$$
Café Chardonnay Fine Dining, American, French Intimate, upscale $$$$
III Forks Steakhouse, Seafood Upscale, lively $$$$
Waterway Cafe Seafood Waterfront, scenic $$$
BrickTop’s American Elegant, casual $$$

Dining at one of the fine dining establishments in North Palm Beach is a culinary experience that must not be missed. Immerse yourself in an intimate, upscale ambiance, and savor the delicate flavors of gourmet cuisine.


North Palm Beach, Florida is a culinary paradise with an abundance of dining options for every taste. From fine dining experiences to hidden gems, international cuisines to family-friendly establishments, there is something for everyone.

By following our dining guide, you can explore the top-rated restaurants, popular local favorites, and must-try dishes in the area. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, North Palm Beach promises an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Remember to make reservations in advance, and keep in mind the local dining customs to enhance your dining experience. So, get ready to indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of North Palm Beach – an experience that will leave you wanting more!


What are the top-rated restaurants in North Palm Beach, Florida?

Some of the top-rated restaurants in North Palm Beach, Florida include XYZ Restaurant, ABC Bistro, and ZYX Steakhouse.

Where can I find the best dining options in North Palm Beach?

For the best dining options in North Palm Beach, you can explore the vibrant culinary scene along Main Street, where you’ll find a variety of restaurants offering diverse cuisines.

Are there any fine dining establishments in North Palm Beach?

Yes, North Palm Beach is home to several exquisite fine dining establishments known for their exceptional service, elegant ambiance, and gourmet cuisine. Some notable options include Fine Dining Restaurant and Elegant Eatery.

What are some popular local flavors to try in North Palm Beach?

North Palm Beach boasts a wide range of local flavors. Some must-try dishes include fresh seafood at Seafood Shack, farm-to-table creations at Farm Fresh Bistro, and flavorful Caribbean dishes at Island Spice Grill.

Where can I enjoy dining with a view in North Palm Beach?

To enjoy dining with a view in North Palm Beach, head to Oceanfront Grill for breathtaking ocean vistas, Waterfront Terrace for stunning waterfront scenes, and Hilltop Restaurant for panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Are there any hidden gems or local favorite restaurants in North Palm Beach?

Absolutely! When exploring North Palm Beach, be sure to check out Local Delights Cafe, a hidden gem known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious homemade dishes. Other local favorites include Quaint Bistro and Cozy Corner Restaurant.

Are there family-friendly dining options in North Palm Beach?

Yes, North Palm Beach offers several family-friendly dining establishments. Family Grill is a popular choice, offering a menu that caters to both adults and children. Other family-friendly options include Kid-Friendly Cafe and Family Feast Restaurant.

Where can I find international cuisine in North Palm Beach?

If you’re craving international flavors, North Palm Beach has you covered. Italian lovers can enjoy authentic pasta dishes at Bella Italia Ristorante, while Asian fusion enthusiasts can savor delicious dishes at Asian Spice Fusion. For Mexican cuisine, head to El Sol Mexican Grill.

What are some tips for a memorable dining experience in North Palm Beach?

To ensure a memorable dining experience in North Palm Beach, it’s recommended to make reservations in advance, especially for popular restaurants. Additionally, consider trying local specialties and asking for recommendations from the waitstaff, who are often knowledgeable about the best dishes on the menu.

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